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Chisel your Muscles with Tulsa Kickboxing!

If you are looking for a new way of loosing weight while toning up, check out kickboxing in Tulsa.

We'll show you eveything you need to know about getting started, then begin your training. Since you'll only be hitting dummies, pads, and focus mitts - and not other people, it's completely safe and totally exhilarating.

Your trainer is an experienced kickboxing instructor and will take you through a custom kickboxing class designed for you, including:

Shadow boxing
Combination drills
Bag work
Lower body conditioning
Skipping rope
Ab work
Combination drills

Kickboxing is known as one of the fastest ways of burning calories - typically 800-1200 per hour. If you stick with it, you'll develop a hard body look as the fat begins to melt away, revealing long, toned muscles.

The best part? Besides being a great way to get ripped, our Kickboxing in Tulsa classes are fun, too. We provide individual personal training, motivating music, and a personal touch - our instructors get to know you and your goals before you throw your first punch.

In the intense one-hour routine, our instructors begin by teaching you the techniques and methods that will best suit your body type and metabolism. Personal kickboxing training will help you master the techniques, making you more agile and flexible. Many of our participants have also reported kickboxing helped increase their mental focus.

Punch Out Your Stress

If your work or family have you stressed, try punching it out with a kickboxing class - take your anger out on the bag! All of our kickboxing clients have loads of fun as they punch and kick their way into new levels of fitness.

We start our kickboxing lessons by thoroughly warming up - stretching, push ups, and other moves designed to get your blood pumping.

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