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Group Training

Not ready for 1 on 1 training? Try our group training!

If you've been working out in the weight room, or trying out the latest diet, are you getting the results you bargained for? If not, it is likely because you are not approaching fitness holistically - you need the right blend of cardio, strength training, and nutrition.

We have all heard the adage "there's strength in numbers", and group training is a great example. Consider small group personal training to be a great alternative to traditional one-on-one training. Our group training sessions are a combination of calisthenics, body weight training, resistance training, plyometrics, nutrition coaching and more.

We realize the importance of the social connections in our group training. We try to provide training that is fun yet challenging and creates a spirit of cooperation and friendship. Perhaps the largest advantage to group training is the amount of support and encouragement you receive from other members.

Our group training provides a platform for fitness success. We believe it is the most powerful step you can take in achieving your fitness goals.  You won't find a more diversified group training class in Tulsa. We also offer custom training options for people that already know each other - such as office coworkers, team, or a new moms club.


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