Adam Gilchrist - Ironclad Fitness

Adam Gilchrist

Certified Personal Trainer

Adam Gilchrist has been a personal trainer for four years. He started at planet fitness in 2011 and quickly became head trainer. While at Planet Fitness he was selected to be the at-home tLtrainler of season 12 biggest loser contestant David Jones and helped him achieve a total weight loss of 102lbs. 

Adam accepted a personal trainer position at Lifetime Fitness in 2013 where he worked with a wide variety of clients seeking to get in shape, improve their athletic performance, rehab from injuries or lose weight.

In 2014 Adam opened his own personal training studio, Ironclad Fitness in south Tulsa.  Ironclad Fitness is a unique personal training studio offering highly individualized programs for people at all stages of life. At our results-oriented studio, we use positive methodologies and proven biomechanical techniques to safely and effectively train, motivate and educate clients.

"My time on the Biggest Loser Ranch got me started in my weight loss journey. But when I got home the real head work started, teaming a regular life schedule with workouts. Adam was instrumental in getting me to my goal. I wanted to put on muscle as well as lose weight, and Adam was great at doing making me do both."

- David Jones, Biggest Loser Contestent Season 14